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Primary Blog/YouTube growth/Grow fast on YouTube: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Grow fast on YouTube: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Saturday, February 11, 2023

 / Akassh Ashok Gupta

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YouTube is a powerful tool for growing a business and establishing online authority, with over 2 billion monthly active users. However, many people make mistakes when first starting on YouTube, which can hurt their growth and success. These mistakes include posting random content without understanding their niche, using clickbait fraud, focusing solely on making content go viral, taking long breaks from YouTube, and copying competitors. To achieve success on YouTube, it's important to research and understand your niche, create high-quality, relevant content, and establish a consistent routine for your audience. Additionally, it's important to avoid clickbait fraud and develop a unique style to differentiate yourself from the competition. By following these tips and continually refining your approach, you can build a successful and engaged audience on YouTube.

Alright, alright, let's get funny! Are you tired of posting videos on YouTube that only your mom and her cat watch? Well, fear not my friend, because we're here to save the day (or at least your YouTube channel).

YouTube is no longer just a platform for watching cat videos or listening to music. It's a powerful tool for growing your business and establishing your online authority. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube provides a massive audience that you can tap into to promote your brand and connect with potential customers.

However, not everyone knows how to properly utilize YouTube to achieve their goals. Many people make common mistakes that can hold them back from reaching their full potential. In this blog, we'll discuss the top 5 mistakes that people make when they first start on YouTube and how to avoid them.

1. Posting Random Content on YouTube

Posting random content on YouTube without having a clear understanding of your niche makes it difficult for your audience to understand what your channel is about, and what kind of content they can expect from you. This can lead to a lack of engagement and audience retention, as people will simply stop watching your videos if they are not relevant to their interests. Also, not understanding your niche can lead to a lack of monetization opportunities. If you're not posting content that aligns with a particular niche, it can be difficult to find sponsors and advertisers who are interested in your channel. To avoid these harmful effects, it is important to take the time to research and understand your niche before you start posting content on YouTube.

2. Clickbait Fraud

Clickbait fraud is a tactic used by many YouTubers to increase the click-through rate (CTR) on their videos by misleading viewers with misleading or exaggerated titles, descriptions, or thumbnails. However, this practice is harmful to both the YouTuber and the audience. The misleading titles and descriptions can lead to a negative user experience, as people may feel deceived and not appreciate the content they find after clicking on the video. This can lead to a high bounce rate, low engagement, and negative comments, all of which can hurt your reputation and credibility. Therefore, it is better to create high-quality, relevant thumbnails and titles for your videos.

3. Making content so that it gets viral

Making content with the sole intention of making it go viral is not a good strategy as the definition of what makes a content go viral is constantly changing and is often unpredictable, so relying on this approach to generate engagement and success is unreliable. Moreover, even if a content does go viral, it may not necessarily translate into long-term engagement or success. For example, a viral video may attract a lot of views, but if the audience is not engaged with the content and does not return for future videos, your growth will not be sustainable. Therefore, making content that adds value to the audience is a more reliable and effective approach than making content that goes viral.

4. Taking long breaks from YouTube

Taking long breaks from YouTube can disrupt consistency and have a negative impact on your channel's growth and success. When you take long breaks, your audience may become less engaged with your content and less interested in watching your videos. This can lead to a decrease in views, likes, comments, and subscribers, hurting your channel's overall visibility and growth. Consistency is key when it comes to building a successful YouTube channel. By consistently uploading high-quality, relevant, and engaging content, you can establish a routine for your audience and keep your followers interested and engaged.

5. Copying Competitors

Copying your competitor's style on YouTube may bring you short-term gains, but it will not lead to long-term success. Viewers are attracted to originality and authenticity, and they can quickly spot a copycat. If you simply mimic someone else's content, you will not stand out from the crowd and will not be able to build a loyal audience that is interested in your specific perspective and personality. Hence, developing your own unique style allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and establish a clear brand identity.


In conclusion, creating content on YouTube can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above, you can increase the chances of your channel and videos succeeding on the platform. By following these tips and continually experimenting and refining your approach, you can build a successful and engaged audience on YouTube.

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