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Primary Blog/Tools and Technology/Will AI Take Over All Jobs? Unveiling the Truth and Exploring New Opportunities

Will AI Take Over All Jobs? Unveiling the Truth and Exploring New Opportunities

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

 / Akassh Ashok Gupta

30 Sec Summary

This blog delves into the topic of AI and its impact on jobs. It addresses the common question of whether AI will leave no room for human employment. The blog emphasizes the importance of accepting the reality that AI is already taking, and will continue to take, human jobs. However, it encourages readers to approach this reality with an open mind and embrace the changes rather than fearing them. The blog highlights that while AI will bring about job transformations, it will also create new opportunities and occupations. The key message is to stay informed, adapt to the evolving landscape, and continuously upgrade skills to secure a place in the future job market. The conclusion emphasizes the need to unleash one's potential, embrace the future, and recognize the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.


Ever since ChatGPT entered the market, the question I am most frequently asked is, "Will AI leave no room for jobs?" Therefore, I believe it is crucial to discuss this topic with all of you, as the emergence of AI has instilled fear and restlessness in people about their future. While reading this blog, I want you to understand that what I am about to say may make you feel uncomfortable, but it is important to approach it with an open mind.

The Rise of AI and Its Implications

As I am writing this blog, my responsibility is to speak the truth rather than simply tell you what you want to hear. So, the truth is that it is not just ChatGPT; there are numerous other AIs that are true game-changers, and this is just the beginning. We have only witnessed the fourth version of ChatGPT, which has already made work significantly easier.

Just imagine the possibilities that future versions hold! AI work is faster and more accurate than human work. Therefore, it is indeed a valid and important question to ask why any company would hire humans for tasks that can be effortlessly accomplished by AI in the future?

Accepting the Reality

AI is already taking and will continue to take, even more human jobs in the future, and this is an undeniable FACT. However, people often deny this reality because accepting it makes them uncomfortable. It's much like having a thief in your house but choosing to close your eyes, believing that the theft won't occur if you don't witness it. Unfortunately, that's not how things work.

I am not trying to scare you. What I am attempting to convey is the importance of keeping your eyes open and being aware of the changes happening around us. And it's not just about being aware; we should actually embrace these changes instead of running away from them.

The Changing Landscape of Employment

While it is true that AI will replace many human jobs, it is crucial to recognize that AI will always serve humans and can never completely replace us. Similar to how computers initially eliminated numerous jobs but eventually ushered in new types of jobs, the same pattern will emerge with AI. It will undoubtedly transform the employment landscape, but it will also bring about novel opportunities and occupations.

But the question here is, "What kind of jobs will AI bring?"

My answer to this question is, "I don't know." And it's not just me; in reality, no one truly knows what kinds of jobs and opportunities AI will bring in the future. I always say that "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DON'T KNOW." AI is still relatively new in the market, and its ultimate impact and direction remain unknown. We are all on a journey where the destination is yet to be revealed and experienced by human minds.

Navigating the Uncertain Future

Now, another question arises: When the future is so uncertain, what can we do to secure our place in the coming years?

The answer is simple: Open your eyes, become aware of the ongoing changes, and adapt accordingly. Every computer program works for a human need, and the same will continue, but we, humans, will evolve as a generation with the next level of high-skilled jobs or uniquely different and technical ones.

Just like earlier, we were riding horses to deliver a message, and now we do that through email software or a messenger like WhatsApp. The doors got locked for jobs like horse riders, but new ones came, like running software like WhatsApp. Hence, humans could never be eliminated, nor will they ever be.

Possibilities are boundless, but in order to transform these possibilities into opportunities, we must continue to learn.


In conclusion, while AI will undoubtedly impact the job market, it's important to approach this reality with an open mind. Rather than fearing the changes, we must embrace them and recognise the unique value that humans bring. By staying informed, continuously learning, and adapting to the evolving landscape, we can unleash our potential and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The future may be uncertain, but with the right mindset and skills, we can navigate it successfully.

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