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YouTube SEO: Rank your Video & Channel High on YouTube

Monday, March 13, 2023

 / Akassh Ashok Gupta

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To rank high on YouTube, you need to conduct thorough keyword research, create engaging thumbnails, and ensure high retention rates through the creation of high-quality and relevant content. This can be achieved by finding the most relevant keywords, using them in your video titles, descriptions, and tags, creating engaging thumbnails, and creating high-quality and engaging content that keeps the audience interested and invested in your video. YouTube recognizes valuable content with a high CTR and high retention rate, and ranks them higher in the search results. Following these steps can help to improve your YouTube SEO and increase your visibility on the platform.


Uploading content on YouTube makes no sense if it doesn’t get showed up in your targetted audience’s feeds. No one goes below the 4th or 5th video that shows up on their screen when they search for something, and hence, it is very important for your video to find a place in the top 5 search results. But how do we do that?

Well, this can be done by YouTube SEO and this blog will tell you the step-by-step process which you need to follow to optimize your youtube content and get your videos ranked high in search results.

Steps to Rank High on YouTube

Step 1: Keyword Research

The first step for YouTube SEO is keyword research. You need to find the best and the most relevant keywords for your videos that your target audience is searching for. When you use those keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags, YouTube starts categorizing your videos properly and make them appear in front of the right audience.

Step 2: Make sure you have a High CTR on your Videos

When you upload a video on YouTube, the platform recommends it to viewers based on the keywords you use. YouTube then tracks whether viewers are clicking on your video or not. If your video's Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is high, YouTube recognizes it as valuable content for those keywords and ranks it higher in the search results.

The thumbnail of your video is the first thing viewers see and can influence their decision to click on it. To increase your video's CTR, it's essential to create engaging and relevant thumbnails.

Step 3: Make videos with High Retention Rate

Having engaging thumbnails can indeed increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) on YouTube. However, if your video is not engaging or relevant, the audience may start to skip it, causing the retention rate to drop. When viewers do not stay engaged with your video, YouTube considers it less valuable or useful for the audience and may stop recommending it altogether. Therefore, it's crucial to create high-quality content on YouTube with a high audience retention rate to increase its ranking.

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